Online Competitive Intelligence

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• What is Online Competitive Intelligence?

– Web Analytics:  for own website (Traffic Analytic, Engagement Analytics, Interaction Analytics, Freshness Analytics and others), the selection of metrics and interpretation will be always related to the industry/market dynamics
– Benchmarking: reviewing own website  analytics versus selected competitors websites analytics and online industry/sector norm
– E-Market Analysis:  in-depth analysis for sector related on-line trends, industry peers and leading organization online practices.
– Online Consumer Behavior: insights into online usage trends, online shopping trends, purchasing behavior etc.
– Online Media Industry: reviewing online media trends including online channels, advertising spending, advertising industries etc.

How do we handle Online Competitive Intelligence?

eMarketing Saudi relies on both primary (through own portals and panels or commissioned/outsourced research) and secondary (all available related publications and data). The core advantage here is the analysis and insights applied by the company relying on blending both e-marketing and competitive intelligence practical experiences. MORE