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REDCON is a real estate development service provider operating under the provisions of the corporate law no. 159 of year 1981 and its executive regulations. The company has been offering its services since early 2005. REDCON Real Estate Development Chairman and CEO, has long time hands on expertise as Chairman and CEO for REDCON Construction, General Contracting Company that has worked in major projects across different industries. The proximity that this type of business entails to projects’ owners, consultants and tenants have shaped the road to a new experience in the real estate market The idea of having a Real Estate Development Company has emerged from identifying the market gap between real estate investors and their tenants and the importance of having a strong service Provider who would actively drive to lead the transition from the concept to reality in the real estate market REDCON Development has hands on experience in multinationals’ and big locals’ office needs and requirements as well as their relocation plans and procedures. REDCON’s experience has been shaped through aiding companies in different sectors in their relocation plans such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers (one of the big 4 auditing firms), EMC2 (IT Infrastructure), Beyti for Dairy products (one of El Maraii group of companies). Helping companies in different sectors in their relocation plans has definitely paved the way to providing and broadening the scope of our relocation services OUR MISSION We strive to develop full-fledged opportunities and set complete integrated solutions that create sustained value to our clients’ property portfolio, maximize our shareholders’ investment, solidify commitment to our strategic partners, and society at large