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Mansour Group (Samsung brands and others)


Mansour is the official Partner in Egypt For Samsung A.V , A.c and H.A , Mantronix is sub company From Mantrac in Mansour Group Mansour group is an international recognized trading conglomerate founded in Egypt by Mansour family , The Group boasts an expansive operation range that spans Africa, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. Mansour Group is home to over 12,000 professionals and throughout the course of its history has achieved sustainable growth, whilst embracing the principles of corporate social responsibility. Mansour formed a successful partnership with Samsung , signing with Mansour in 2008 to make Mantronix, a Mantrac Distribution subsidiary company, the sole distributor of all of their audiovisual and household products across Egypt. Samsung Egypt now has 240 employees and Mantronix is currently the market leader in flat panel TV (LED, LCD and Plasma) with an average market share of 30%. In order for it to be accessible to its customers, Mantronix over 400 points of sale throughout Egypt, and also provides its after sales service to customers on location through its call center.