How Google May Rank Apps & App-Only Content


Rajan Patel tells me that with apps — and especially app-only content — Google doesn’t have some basic ranking factors they have with web ranking. Google needs to find a set of factors that can replace the signals they are losing for app ranking. Rajan Patel says they get some of that data from the Google App Indexing API. “We do use the App Indexing API to help us rank app content,” Rajan told us.

Measuring Time Spent In Specific Sections Of Your App

The Google App Indexing API not only lets app developers communicate the title and option description of the content pieces within app, but it also shares how long app users spend on each section or page within your app.

In the app indexing API, the developer has to send a start and end time for each action or fragment.This tells Google how long users spend on a specific view or action within the app. Although Google did not communicate how reliable that is as a ranking signal, one has to assume the number of users and frequency of those actions can influence how Google determines how authoritative and important a specific section or action fragment within the app is. Of course, it seems fairly easy to spoof, but Google is also outstanding at spam detection.

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