Coca-Cola’s Digital Marketing Campaign’s Success



In 2012, Coca-Cola Company launched its flawless digital platform campaign called “Share a Coke”. This integrated campaign was launched in Britain as well as is in Australia. The soft drink mogul replaced its usual branding with 150 of the country’s most popular names. It was a multimedia effort, with TV adverts, billboards, and experimental marketing in the form of Coca-Cola tours where participants could have their own custom made bottles. The main success was through the digital platform, wherein each bottle carried the hashtag #shareacoke, in order to pursue users to share bottles with their names on social media.

Strategies used in the Campaign

1. Consumers were encouraged to participate and create online media content:

The company was able to encourage enormous consumers to generate massive amounts of social media contents by specifically targeting the consumers who are extensively using social media to share photos and stories. Coca-Cola company gave full creative control and brand ownership to such consumers, inducing people to feel like they were not promoting the company so much rather they were starting their own social media conversations.

2. The Company connected the brand with the consumers at a personal level:

The company admitted that the new fad in the market is personalisation and its campaign meets to that fad in all prospective way. The consumers placed a high value on self-expression, individual storytelling and staying connected with friends. The “Share a Coke” campaign gave this ability to all its consumers along with promoting its own brand name.

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