Case Study on LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads


In the last few years, growth rate of social media has been monstrous. Size of active users is growing at phenomenal rate and easy availability of internet and smart phones will only increase it further. Therefore, companies are giving special attention to social media to engage with their targeted audience. In this, sponsor ads are very useful, these are paid ads. You pay Facebook and/or Linkdin to run ads for particular time periods targeting specific set of audiences. Given below is a brief introduction of these ads:

Facebook Ads: These are paid ads, run under “sponsored” tag either on the left right side of the homepage or on Facebook profile page. To target ads Facebook use profile information of the users like age, location, education, interests (Favourite music, movies, sports etc.). This helps advertisers to set targeting filters to select group of people which will see the advertisements. Narrower you target, higher will be the cost per click when compared to wider criteria.

Linkedin Ads: Linkedin is different from Facebook, it is a professional network having different set of audience like business owners, top professionals, executives and influencers across different industries. Linkedin provides self-service advertising platform, launched in 2008, to help advertisers to design their own ad campaign. Similar to Facebook, it also allows creating target group using job titles, skills/interests, job roles, etc; helps in measuring performance of ad campaigns

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