4 Digital Marketing Strategies: An Airbnb Case Study

imagesIf you are searching for a place to stay in Google, you will likely come across Airbnb. This is a fresh story , new peer-to-peer vacation rental website that spread their marketplace service throughout the world via creativity. They had a digital marketing strategy to match their mission leading to international waters and, with a little struggle, came out on top. Survival is dire in the wild, and also in the world of search. Travel with us through the online world of Vacation Rentals.


Airbnb is a marketplace where people share private spaces all over the world to be rented short-term. These spaces could be apartments, villas, houses ,or even castles for a unique travel experience of various prices. Founded in 2008, the company now has over 550,000 listings in 33,000 cities and 192 countries and continues to grow. However, they were not always doing so well. in 2009, Airbnb almost went bust-until they began improving the image quality of their listings. The young startup found several ways to not only survive, but also grow exponentially. Some of the international domains now show good growth as well

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